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The MMM Studio offers an all-in-one marketing mix modeling solution from modeling to performance assessment and budget optimization without the need for user-level data.




Marketing Mix Modeling

Marketing mix modeling is a regression analysis method that identifies the causal relationship between various variables such as ad spend, revenue, seasonality, and economic fluctuations to estimate the impact of different marketing strategies on business outcomes. Marketing mix modeling was already used since the 1960s to estimate the marketing performance of TV and offline advertising, and now it has become relevant to the mobile marketing scene with the support of advanced data technologies.


Marketing Mix Modeling by Airbridge

The MMM Studio by Airbridge uses machine learning and statistical techniques to measure the impact of different marketing strategies on sales. Historical data such as ad spend, number of event occurrences, and revenue is needed. With the MMM Studio, aggregate data of 6 months is enough to build a model and use it for performance assessments.




Getting Started With MMM Studio

Sign up for an account in the MMM Studio. After signing in to your account, you can use the demo data to try out all features available in the MMM Studio.



MMM Manager

From the MMM Manager, you can create and manage your marketing mix models. On the [Model Configuration] page, you can create new models. You must create a model first to view reports in the MMM Dashboards.

  • How to Create Marketing Mix Models (User guides for [Model Configuration] will be released soon)

On the [Data Ingestion] page you can ingest data such as Airbridge data or contextual variable data for training the marketing mix model.

  • MMP Data Ingestion (Soon to be released)


MMM Dashboard

From the MMM dashboard, you can build different reports using the marketing mix model you created from the MMM Manager. On the [Performance Tracker] page, you can build the marketing performance report using your model. On the [Budget Optimizer] page, you can view the optimized budget plan suggested by the model and learn how to best allocate your fixed budget to different channels and get the most return.

  • How to estimate marketing performance using marketing mix models (User guides for [Performance Tracker] will be released soon)
  • Budget optimization (User guides for [Budget Optimizer] will be released soon)

On the [Simulator] page, you can try out multiple budgeting scenarios and view the predictive performance result using marketing mix models. The [Insight Plus] page provides additional insights, such as the carry-over effect and ad performance by ad spend per channel.

  • Using the Simulator for Marketing Mix Planning (Soon to be released)
  • Additional Insights from the Marketing Mix Models (Soon to be released)

MMM Studio Overview