Airbridge supports app installs and app retargeting campaigns for Criteo using server-to-server connections. To start tracking and measuring your Criteo's ad performance on Airbridge, please refer to the guide below to set it up. This guide is based on the Criteo (New) channel.


Tracking Link Type for Criteo

Creating tracking links for the Criteo channel is the same as the other channels. 

How to Create Tracking Link 

Once you create tracking links for the Criteo, you will find 3 different types of tracking links. Criteo requires a specific type of tracking link(Click / Server-to-Server) depending on the campaign types; UA campaign and Retargeting campaign. 



App Installs (User Acquisition) Campaign

Provide the 'Click' tracking link to your Criteo account manager. The end-user will redirect to the destination you set in the Airbridge dashboard. 


App Retargeting Campaign

Provide the 'Server-to-Server click' tracking link and scheme deeplink to your Criteo account manager. The redirection is handled by Criteo and the end-user will redirect to the destination using your scheme deeplink. 

In order to accurately track and measure the Criteo ad performance, you need an additional configuration to your scheme deeplink. Please refer to the below scheme deeplink guide.