iOS App Authentication

Airbridge requires an additional app authentication for iOS App to track the iOS app install using SKAdNetwork. Airbridge supports an easy and fast authentication process for iOS apps by registering Issuer ID, Key ID, and Private Key issued from App Store Connect to the Airbridge dashboard. 



1. Only the administrator account can collect the required information from the App Store Connect.

2. If you wish to operate SKAdNetwork campaigns, App authentication must be completed beforehand.


App Store Connect

To create and download the API key of your iOS App, follow the below instruction. 

1. Go to [Users and Acess] on the top menu bar.

2. Select [Keys] tab.

3. Select [App Store Connect API] from the left side menu.

4. Click ➕ button next to [Active].


5. Name your API key and API and select 'App Manager' from the Access dropdown box. 


6. Click [Download API Key] from the generated Key ID list. 


7. Download the p8 extension file starting with AuthKey_ from the pop-up.



API Key can be downloaded only once. If you lost the API key file, you need to generate new API key to download the file. 


Airbridge Dashboard 

Register the API key(Private Key), Issuer ID, and Key ID into the Airbridge Dashboard to authenticate your iOS app. 

1. Go to [Settings] > [App Settings] > [App Info] and click 'Need Authentication' button.


2. Enter Issuer ID, Key ID, and upload API key(Private Key) respectively. 



3. Once completed, you can find the badge of your iOS app authentication. 



How to Delete Authentication 

If you wish to delete the current authenticated app or authenticate a different app, click [Delete the Authentication] button on the top right corner.



iOS APP Authentication