About Airbridge Tracking Links

An Airbridge tracking link is an all-in-one link that serves as both a linking tool to redirect users and a tracking tool for attribution. When they are clicked on, tracking links enable users to reach their desired destination in the app regardless of the platform, channel, or device operating system. It also helps to analyze and attribute the source of user conversions such as link click, post-click install, and post-install purchase.


Types of Channels

Integrated Channels

Integrated channel refers to a channel officially integrated with Airbridge in a way of Server-to-Server type postback, which includes all the lists that appear on the [ Integrations - Integrated Ad Channels ] page of the dashboard.

e.g.) Moloco, Appier, Remerge, etc

If you want to generate a tracking link for advertisement operation on the integrated channel, you must generate a link by selecting a certain channel in the integrated channel.


Custom Channels

Custom channel refers to an Owned Media or Earned Media channel which are not officially integrated with Airbridge, such as e-mail, SMS, blog post, and SNS post. You can type any desired channel name when you create a link for your custom channel.


How to Create a Tracking Link for Integrated Channels

Campaign Optimization Parameters



To set the campaign optimizing parameters, select the channel and fill out the campaign-related information such as campaign name, ad groups, ad creatives, etc, that will be associated with the tracking link. (It is not mandatory to fill out campaign optimization parameters except Channel)

For Integrated Channels, you can preview your tracking link in the window on the right after entering parameters. Note that we only support real-time previews for links created in Integrated Channel.

⚠️ For the parameters with pre-set campaign parameters, we highly recommend not to modify them as they are pulled from the channel directly. 


Redirection Path 

You can set the final destination of users who clicked the link to one of three destinations including the app market, within the app (deep link), or the website. 


App Market

For users who haven't installed your app, you can send them directly to the app markets by setting App Market as a final destination.

The tracking link redirects users to the App Markets (Google Play Store or Apple App Store) corresponding to the type of the user's device. If needed, you can also select a web URL by directly entering the web URL.

  • To redirect iOS users to your app's Custom Product Page(Custom Product Pages) in the App Store, select the option and enter the ID of your custom product page. 

    ⚠️ Custom Product Pages(CPP)

    Custom Product Pages allow you to create up to 35 additional versions of the App Store product page, and its page can be distinguished with ID(ppid). Aggregated data for CPPs are available in the Airbridge aggregated reports. In order to measure the performance for each CPP, you may utilize one of the unused campaign parameters when creating the tracking link. We will do our best to support break-down reporting for CPP in the near future.

Lastly, when a link is open on the desktop, redirect users to the website URL. In this case, you have additional options to redirect users to the Google Play Store or Airpage(Custom channel only).


App (Deep Link)


Set a certain in-app page as a final destination of users. It can redirect the users to the path in the app by entering the URL Scheme-typed deep link composed of the scheme, path, and key/value. You can also switch the input type by clicking swap_horiz_black_24dp.svg next to Deep Link Path. 

To use the deep link correctly, the default information must be registered first in the [ Tracking Link - Deep Link ] page of the Airbridge dashboard. 

Also, to redirect the user successfully to a certain in-app page, the app must be installed previously. Otherwise, the user will be redirected to the defined fallback path.




Set the website URL as the final destination of the user who clicked on the link. You can set different URLs in Android, iOS, and Desktop environments.


Campaign Attribution Parameter


The re-engagement parameter toggle is turned off as default, but you can switch it on or off. When switching it on, you can select True or False.

  • When you switch off the toggle: Installs, deep link opens, and in-app events can be attributed to the touchpoint with the tracking link regardless of whether the user is a newly acquired user or an existing user.
  • When you switch on the toggle and select ‘True’: The deep link open and subsequent in-app events can be attributed to the touchpoint with the tracking link. This setting is for measuring re-engagement campaigns.
  • When you switch on and select ‘False’: The install and the subsequent in-app events of a new user can be attributed to the touchpoint with the tracking link. This setting is for measuring UA campaigns.



How to Create a Tracking Link for Custom Channels

Creating a tracking link in a Custom Channel is basically the same as in Integrated Channel, but additional unique features can be applied to the tracking link as shown below.


Link Short ID


Link Short ID feature is only provided for the Custom Channel Tracking Link, and you may create an ID that matches your campaigns or contents. In case you leave it as a blank, Airbridge will create it with a random value. Please note that the Short ID cannot be changed after the tracking link is created. 



Airpage is a web page that allows you to induce users to install your app via QR code. You can set the Airpage as a redirection path when creating a tracking link.


Social Media Thumbnail Setting


Thumbnail(also called Open Graph Tag) is a preview image of how URLs are displayed when shared on social media. You can check the preview immediately once you are done with the modification.

The customized thumbnail feature enables you to manage the previews to be shown for its purpose when sharing your tracking links on social media or messengers. 

Find out more information about Social Media Thumbnails from the below guide.

Tracking Link Generation