Airbridge is a people-based attribution and incrementality measurement platform that helps marketers optimize their campaigns by correctly accounting for the sources of their brand's growth. By unifying data collected from various devices, platforms, and channels, it provides an integrated marketing performance analysis for both websites and mobile apps. 

Marketers rely on Airbridge's Identity Resolution Engine to unify fragmented customer identity data across web and app journeys into a single people-based identity for better attribution accuracy.

Additionally, Airbridge provides link management tools for marketers such as extensive deep linking and tracking link branding.


Competitive Features

Airbridge features three competitive advantages compared to other attribution solutions.

  1. Web + App Integrated Attribution Analysis: Marketing attribution data from websites and mobile applications belonging to your brand are collected through easy-to-install SDKs and displayed on the Airbridge dashboard. 
  2. Search Ad Analysis: Provides performance reporting for keyword-level marketing on search platforms such as Google and Apple Search.
  3. Multi-Touch Attribution & Incrementality: Goes beyond simplistic last touch attribution to provide marketers with a performance report based on the incremental value of a specific marketing channel in influencing customer conversion.

In addition, more solutions including extensive deep-linking, deferred deep-linking, tracking link branding, fraud prevention and detection, raw data export, and integrations with third-party mar-tech solutions are also available.