How to Register Your App to Your Airbridge Account

1. Click the “Login” button in the upper right corner of the Airbridge homepage.



2. Sign in to your Airbridge account. If you don’t have an Airbridge account, click “Create an account” and create an Airbridge account.



3. Once you sign in, you land on the App List page, where you can see all the apps that are registered to your account.

To register a new app to your account, click the “+Add a New App” button. You get the Owner role for the apps you register. To change the Owner of an app, contact your Airbridge CSM.



4. You can register your Android and iOS app by searching for your app in the search box or entering the app store URL. To register your website, enter your web URL as well. 



5. Enter the desired app name in the “App Name (Unique ID)” field. The app name must be unique and can’t be changed once submitted. Please enter after careful consideration.



6. Select the app time zone. The app time zone can’t be changed once submitted. All data will be displayed based on the selected app time zone. Some of the reports are based on KST. For more details, refer to the user guide for app time zone.



7. Select the app standard currency and click the “Submit” button. For more details about the app standard currency, refer to the user guide for app standard currency.


Register Your App