Airbridge provides solutions for users to easily and accurately measure Naver Search Ads' web and app conversion results. 

In order to measure the app conversion results, Airbridge Web SDK must be installed on Naver's' Final Landing Webpage. Then a proper tracking can be achieved by utilizing Naver's Referrer tracking option. In other words, when a user clicks on one of the Naver's search ads to land on the final URL page, Airbridge URL is instantly activated to log Naver Search Ad information and this process is generated within less than a second. 

Creating individual tracking links that correspond to multiple search keywords is arduous and time-consuming. However, with Referrer tracking, only one tracking link template is required for each campaign, subsequently allowing marketers to view the results easier in a timely manner. 


Step-By-Step Installation Instructions

1) Airbridge Web SDK Installation

Please view below guide to successfully install Airbridge Web SDK in Naver's final landing page.


2) Finding Tracking Template URL


Go to the Airbridge dashboard and follow [ Integrations > Integrated Ad Channels ]. Click on Naver SearchAD and find 'Default Settings' to copy the tracking template URL. 

Here is an example of a tracking template URL. As you can see, the ad information provided by Naver is mapped in the link.{final_url}&campaign={campaign}&sub_id={campaign_type}&ad_group={ad_group}&sub_id_2={media}&ad_creative={ad}&content={ad_extension}&term={keyword}&keyword_id={keyword_id}&query={query}&match={match}&sub_id_1={network}&rank={rank}&mall_pid={mall_pid}&mall_id={mall_id}&NaPm={napm}&hash_str={hash_str}


Please click below to find more about Naver's macro values and its definition.


3) Referrer tracking integration 

Go to Naver ad's System Dashboard to select a campaign where tracking template URL must be inserted and then click 'edit'. Go to 'Advanced Options' to click on 'Referrer tracking' and paste the tracking template URL copied from Airbridge. Make sure to click 'save' and integration is now completed. 


The above referrer tracking integration must be completed for each campaign you wish to execute. For instance, in case of running a total of ten campaigns, the above integration must be completed for each of the ten campaigns individually. 



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