In custom channels, Airbridge allows marketers free to select and advertise on channels of their preference. Although sending postbacks is limited as they have not been integrated, custom channels can help measure various performances. 

Generally marketers create custom channels to accurately track performances in unintegrated owned and earned media. Owned media include websites, Facebook pages, blogs, email, and messenger groups while earned media include friends referral links or contents sharing links. 

Please review our tracking links guide to create custom channel tracking links. 


Examples of Application

Facebook Pages

By inserting the custom channel tracking link into the Facebook page profile link, you can track the website incurred app installation and events. You may also insert these tracking links in your posts and track app installation and events by each post.




Insert custom channel tracking links in your Instagram profile to measure Instagram incurred app installations and events, and to attract more users. 




You can track post incurred app installations and events by inserting custom channel tracking links in blog posts. Below is an example of a tracking link used in Naver blog. 



Messengers, Messenger Groups and SMS

Tracking links can be inserted with messages in messengers, messenger groups, and SMS. 

For instance, Kakao Plus Friends (a popular messenger platform in South Korea) has a Call to Action button in the messages for you to insert tracking links and measure performances. 

If you use Kakao Plus Friends messages frequently for advertisement purposes, you can create more than one tracking link and insert these links in diverse contents. With the resulting data, you can ultimately optimize your content. 


Custom Channels