Manage your Airbridge dashboard users on the [User Management] page. You can view the roles, organizations, and the last active time of each user. To invite new users, click the “+ Invite a New User” button on the top left.





Each Airbridge user is assigned a role. There are four roles with different permission levels: Owner, In-house Marketer, Agency, and Media Partner. Please refer to the below table for more details.

Role Definition Permission
Owner - Account administrator
- The first user who registers the app in the Airbridge dashboard
- Full access to all reports
- Full access to data export
- Full access to dashboard
- Inviting new users and removing users
- Registering and deleting apps in Airbridge
In-house Marketer - Team members
- Can be invited by users with Owner or In-house Marketer roles
- Full access to all reports (same as Owner)
- Full access to data export
(same as Owner)
- Full access to dashboard configurations
(same as Owner)
- Inviting new users
Agency - Third-party marketing agencies
- Can be invited by users with Owner or In-house Marketer roles or users from the same agency
- Access to data collected from tracking links created by users from the same agency
- Access to data export and report configuration (limited to channels given access by the Owner and In-house Marketers)
- Access to App Info (view only)
Media Partner - Third-party media partners (ad channels)
- Can be invited by users with Owner or In-house Marketer roles or users from the same media partner
- Access to data in the Actuals Report if and only if attributed to the ad channel the user is registered
- Access to the ad channel integration settings and information, including Tracking Link List, Postback, and Attribution Window settings
- Access to App Info (view only)



Invite a New User

When clicking the “+ Invite a New User” button, a popup window will appear. Enter the email of the user you want to invite and assign the role of this user. Make sure you enter the same email address the user used in signing up for Airbridge. When inviting a user for the Agency or Media Partner roles, you must select the agency name or the media partner (ad channel) name from the drop-down list.


You can invite multiple users at once by entering more than one email separated by either an enter, space, tab, or comma. These users are assigned the same role you select. Users can start accessing your Airbridge dashboard by clicking the invitation link sent via email. In the [User Management] page, the status of the user who accepts the invitation changes from “Pending” to “Joined”.



If you can’t find the agency name or the media partner (ad channel) name you are looking for, click here to submit a request.


Remove Users

To remove a user, click the […] icon from the “Action” column and select “Remove”. Only users with Owner roles can remove other users.



User Status

The table below shows what each user status means:

User Status Meaning
Joined The user accepted the invitation and has been granted access to your Airbridge dashboard.
Pending The invitation link has been sent to the user by email, but the user has not accepted the invitation yet.
Expired The invitation link sent to the user has expired.
Revoked The invitation link sent to the user has been revoked.
Removed The user has been removed and can no longer access your Airbridge dashboard.



Activity History

To view the activity history of a user, click the last active time to move to the [Activity History] page.


When you click on the last active time of a user and move from the [User Management] page to the [Activity History] page, you can view the user’s activities over the last seven days by default. By clicking on any activity from the list, you can also see the activity details.

You can use the calendar filter in the [Activity History] page to look up activities that users performed on your Airbridge dashboard.




Q. Can a user with an Agency role see attribution data generated from other users with either Owner, In-house Marketer, or different Agency roles?

In principle, users with Agency roles can access data collected from the tracking links created by the users with the same Agency roles only.

However, there are several workarounds to share data:

  • Use the Share Link in the Actuals Report for real-time report sharing with the user.
  • Export the report data in a CSV file or Google spreadsheet file and share it with the user.
  • Contact your CSM and ask for permission to grant the user access to data from specific ad channels. The approval of the Owner must be included to proceed with the request.
  • If you want to grant the user additional access to Facebook Business, Google Ads, or Apple Search Ads, you can do so by navigating to [Integrations]>[Integrated Ad Channels], selecting the ad channel, selecting the [Agency Settings] tab, to add agency permissions. For more details, refer to the individual user guides for Facebook integration, Google Ads integration, and Apple Search Ads integration.
  • Ask the Owner to change the user's role from Agency to In-house Marketer. Refer to the FAQ below.


Users with the In-house Marketer role can access all reports and settings, such as postbacks and attribution windows. Be careful when assigning In-house Marketer roles to third-party agencies.


Q. How can I change the role of a user?

The role of a user can’t be changed once assigned. However, you can follow the steps below if you want to change a user’s role.

  1. The Owner removes the user you want to change the role.
  2. The user must sign up for an Airbridge account with a new email. The removed email can’t be reused.
  3. The Owner sends the invitation link to the user’s new email and assigns a new role to the user.

How to sign-up again with the original email after being removed

If the original email a user used to sign up for Airbridge is a Gmail account, the same email can be used to sign up for Airbridge again by adding a plus (+) or a period (.) in the email address. All notification emails, including the invitation link, will be sent to the original email address. For example, if a user’s original Airbridge user ID was, and you want to change the role of this user, first you need to remove this user, and the user can sign up for Airbridge again with the email “” or “”. Then, you can send a new invitation to the new email address and assign a new role to this user. The user will receive all email notifications in the original “” inbox.


Q. How can I switch the Owner?

If you want to switch the Owner to a new email account, contact your CSM and submit the information below. The Owner role can only be granted to an existing user with the In-house Marketer role.

  • Your company name
  • Your app name registered in Airbridge
  • Email address of the current Owner
  • Email address of the new Owner

User Management