Open Graph Tag offers a preview image (thumbnail) when a tracking link is shared on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter or Kakao. OG Tag feature allows marketers with no programming background to easily customize a preview image, subject, or description of tracking link.

The OG tag settings made in [ Tracking Link > Link Setting > Thumbnail ] is set to default, but you may still create individual thumbnail for each tracking link.

OG Tag: Abbreviation of Open Graph Tag, it follows Open Graph Protocol by Facebook allowing other websites to have rich graph objects with the same functionality as any other object on Facebook.


Registering a Thumbnail 

You can register a default OG tag via [ Tracking Link > Link Setting > Thumbnail ]. The preview image can be uploaded in PNG or JPG format, and we recommend the image size to be 1200x630. Registered thumbnail will be reflected to all Custom Channel Tracking Link without any additional settings.



Creating a Thumbnail per Tracking Link 

You can change the default thumbnail in fo when creating new tracking link via [ Tracking Link > Create Tracking Link > Custom Channels > Thumbnail ]. In this page, you can edit the details of a default thumbnail, and view the preview of open graph on each platform.  


You can also edit the thumbnail of existing tracking links in [ Tracking Links List ]. Please click the tracking link you'd like edit and then click 'Detail・Edit' from the expanded detail window. You can find 'Edit Preview' tab to edit your thumbnail.




Preview info may not be immediately reflected if you modify thumbnail info after you publish your Tracking Link to Facebook or Kakao as these platforms use cached data. The changes will be reflected after a while, but if you'd like an immediate reflection, Please refresh cache per each platform.