Q. What happen if I delete the tracking link(s) from [ Tracking Link List ]? Would it still work?

The deletion would cause the tracking link to disappear from the tracking link list but not lose its function. You are still able to monitor the performance of the tracking list.  


Q. How does Tracking Link work after Airbridge contract is expired?

Existing tracking links will still be functional even after the service usage contract has ended. But please note that if you DELETE the app from the Airbridge dashboard, the tracking links would stop working completely.


Q. Do I need to modify QR code image if I change deep link or redirection path? Should I also notify Ad Channel(s) about the change? 

Changing the path of tracking link or deep link wouldn't require a change in the QR code image as the tracking link format remains the same. However, if you'd like to make changes in campaign parameters (channel, campaign, ad group, ad creative, etc), you should create a new tracking link.


Q. I changed a path of tracking link but it still redirects to the previous path. 

Airbridge stores the cache of the previous tracking link path, which results in a slight delay (max 10 minutes) before new changes are applied. If the issue persists after 10 minutes, kindly contact us via our webform or Platform Team(platform@ab180.co). 

  • Scenario 1. If there was at least one click on the created tracking link, the path information will be cached and the change will be applied after 10 minutes from the last click on the link. 
  • Scenario 2. If there was no click on the created tracking link, there would be no cached path information and the change will be applied immediately. 

Q. What are the parameters entered in [ Publisher ] Tracking Link Parameters?


When creating the tracking link of Airbridge's Integrated Channel, you may find additional parameters under the Publisher tab in a name of 'Sub-Publisher' or 'SubSub-Publisher'. These are preset parameters on a purpose of media optimization determined when Airbridge initially integrated with Media Partner. Hence, we recommend our advertisers not to modify the value for the better result of media optimization


If you have more questions, please contact us through our Web form or email to platform@ab180.co 

FAQ - Tracking Link